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  1. What's The MOST IMPORTANT Thing I Need To Know About This Strategy?
  1. There's a very important “marketing lesson” that less than 4 out of 100 Real Estate Professionals understands – and just by hearing it can literally multiply your profits overnight.

    Do you know where 73% (the lion's share) of all real estate clients come from?

    If you knew that answer, you could pinpoint your marketing efforts like a laser and generate as many clients as you could possibly handle...spending a fraction of the time, energy and stress you currently spend.  Agreed?

    Well...several years ago, I found that source.  And here's proof...

    The National Association of REALTOR'S®Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers” revealed that 73% of all clients are generated from direct knowledge of the agent or a referral from a trusted source.

    That's nearly three-quarters of all clients!

    They don't come through the internet or a web site (less than 7% do).  Or from some fancy “high image” ad, post card or brochure (only 3%).  Or even from a yard sign, cold call or cold door (only 4% combined).

    What's more, 68% of sellers and 66% of buyers report working with the very FIRST agent they meet.

    But here's the shocker...

    Only 4% of all agents have any type of reliable marketing system in place to prospect and capture quality clients, automatically follow-up to close leads, stimulate referrals word of mouth and repeat business, and be the first agent available to prospects and clients.

    Meaning that...

    The Top 4% Of Agents Capture 73% Of All Clients, While
    The Remaining 96% Wrestle Each Other For The Leftovers!

    Pardon my bluntness, but...Which Group Are YOU In?

    Like it or not, statistics say you're not in the top 4%.  Which means you're missing out on a windfall of profits...millions of dollars of real estate commissions that could easily be yours.

    The FACTS tell you the true secret to success in real estate is by simply having...

    A Relationship So Deep, So Different, You're the
    Automatic Choice
    for Buyers and Sellers

    Yes, that's the ONE ingredient that positively differentiates YOU from every other agent in your market and automatically generates a non-stop flow of new clients, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business...

    ...That's what puts you in the elite 4% of all agents who snare 73% of all real estate transactions, and gives you rock-solid market share in your area...

    ...That's the ONE ingredient that gets you face-to-face with prospects FIRST (before other agents), and practically forces people to think YOUR NAME when they think “real estate.”

    ...And it's the ONE thing that will simplify your business and finally get you off the real estate treadmill – bringing you consistent, lasting profits and BALANCE to your life.

    The truth is...real estate is not a technology business.  It's not a cold-call numbers game – especially with the recent no call lists.  And it's not even an “image” business.  That's because...

    The Single Greatest Reason Why Someone Will Do Business With You Is Because They Either Know You Personally, Know OF You In A Positive Light, or Are Referred To You From a Trusted Source!

    Remember, 73% of ALL clients come this way.

    So the question you should ask yourself is...Why Would You Spend Most of Your Time, Energy And Money Struggling After Just 27% Of The Market, When The Most Profitable 73% Can Easily Be Your Fingertips?

    Stop “selling.”  Stop exposing yourself to unneeded stress.  Stack the deck in your favor.  Let all the other agents waste 95% of their time and money chasing just 27% of the market.

    You go after the real go after the 73%.

    But there's another important point you need to know.  And it's this...

    The only way to maximize the money you make in real estate is by working with clients and closing deals for as many hours in the day as possible.  The more time you spend directly working with clients and closing deals, the more money you make...

    But when you spend your time doing anything other than directly working with clients and closing deals...paperwork, previewing, and yes, even're giving yourself a pay cut...even working for FREE.

    Service For Life!® is a “marketing system” targeted to the highest priority “prospects” and clients...specifically designed to bring you a steady stream of new clients, referrals and repeat business...while you spend your time working with clients and closing deals.  Ask yourself....

    What “Systems” Do You Have In Place To Keep New Clients Coming While You Work With Clients, Close Deals and Maximize Your Income?

    There's no better tool for nurturing deep relationships, bringing frequent, value-oriented contact, while ALSO using proven strategies that motivate prospects and clients to respond, refer, and do business with you and only you than the Service For Life!® direct response prospecting and referral producing newsletter.

    It works.  It's incredibly fast.  It's completely turn-key.  It's easy and inexpensive to send (even FREE).  

    And there's nothing else like it available for REALTORS® – anywhere!

  1. I've Seen All Kinds Of “Marketing Strategies and Tools” Out There For REALTORS®, And Most Of Them Don't Work For Me.  Why Is THIS Different?
  1. I've seen what's out there and I don't blame you for being skeptical.  It's also natural to be cautious about something that's not used by “everyone.”  In fact, that's what motivated me to create this tool for our REALTORS® in the first place.

    But thinking Service For Life!® is “just another marketing tool” is like believing the Space Shuttle is “just another airplane.”  Let me explain...

    First, the single greatest piece of advice I could give an agent looking for steady, consistent business is: FOCUS ON THE HOT PROSPECT FIRST.

    Most agents are looking for the magic bullet...the “gimmick” that's going to skyrocket their business.  When, in reality, the secret to success is to first find people who are most predisposed to work with you.  Then market to THEM.

    Prioritize your marketing according to PEOPLE, not gimmicks.  Remember, it's ALL about relationship.

    Service For Life!® positions you as a trusted advisor...a friend and true expert bringing welcomed value to prospects and clients each and every month.  Then we provide more than 14 reasons to contact you – making your issues a powerful direct-response client generation tool.  So when it's time to buy or give a are the naturally choice – even before other agents.

    It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

    Service For Life!® is specifically designed to build a family-like relationship with clients and prospects and to motivate them to contact you first.

    It's NOT a marketing course or tool that's going to sit on your shelf waiting for you to “study” it.  It's DONE FOR YOU.

    Every single month, you'll be getting the very best of my 36+ years of real estate, marketing and direct-response experience delivered on your doorstep, complete, ready to go to work for you.

    I'll be your personal marketing department.  You simply download the issue each month (from within the Member's Only Website), personalize it on your computer so it looks like YOU took the time, energy and effort to write it (very important!), and send or email it over to your printer or the printer our agents are using – out the door.  You'll be shocked by its simplicity.

    “Simply put, this is the BEST real estate marketing tool EVER!  I've tried many other real estate newsletters with mostly dismal results.  I've gotten more positive responses and more business from your newsletter in a few months of use than I did from all other newsletters and years of use.  Your system is awesome!”  (Ken J., REALTOR®, Bozeman, MT)

    Second, this is one single, simple tool that acts as 10 or more marketing tools in one.  There's nothing to research.  Nothing to write.  Nothing to interfere with your highest priority each day – selling real estate!

    Service For Life!® is ONE, SIMPLE tool that's now bringing  up to 70%, 80% even 90% of agent business.  It's almost impossible to make a mistake using it.  In fact, most of our “beta test” agents using Service For Life!® have abandoned all other forms of personal promotions.  It's that profitable.

    Third, most of those “fancy” 4-color, self-mailer newsletters agents buy are nothing more than Junk Mail destined for the trash – and that's where most end up.  This is very, very different.

    Service For Life!® has been developed scientifically – from the ground-up – based on time-proven psychology, marketing and direct-response strategies to...

    1. Get delivered, opened and read (hint: up to 97% of all REALTOR® direct mail FAILS this hurdle – we've unlocked the secret on this one!)...

    2. It INVOLVES the reader using secret strategies and “hard” content that bonds your reader like super glue – because the longer someone spends reading your newsletter, the greater the likelihood they'll act on it, and...

    3. It creates predictable client flow, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business for you by using over 14 different response offers, teasers and elements in every single issue.

    Bottom line: there's never been an easier, faster, more profitable way to finally break through the “income” barrier you've desired for so long.  To get to the next level.  To build your personal market share.  To finally get a stable, ever-growing production month after month, year after year.

  1. How Many Different Ways Can I Use Service For Life!® In My Practice?
  1. When I first created this tool back in 1998, I engineered it primarily as a prospecting, stay-in-contact and referral-generation tool to be used with your clients and sphere of influence (I call your “power list”).  And it works like gangbusters to bring you a never-ending stream of referrals and repeat business from these folks.

    But I never realized that I had created a tool so powerful that it's now used as 10 or more marketing tools in one by agents.  You can see more than 10 ways agents are using Service For Life!® by clicking on our “10 Ways To Use” Page.

  1. How Much Will It Cost to Send My Service For Life!® Issues Each Month and How Do I Understand The FINANCES Of Marketing This Way?
  1. My “beta testers” asked this question when they first started using it years ago.  And it's a good one.  Read closely because this is important.  I have a 2-part answer...

    The FIRST part is this:  There are a number of ways you can send out Service For Life!® spending $0.00, including sending out the HTML version of the newsletter with email credits we give you each month, and by using our special “Sponsor Program” (which I'll cover in the next question).

    But it's also a tremendous tool to use in other areas, including sending through the mail, door hangers, public displays and more.  So let me answer that question too...

    I understand your concern for money.  But the problem you're facing is NOT that you're spending too much money with your marketing.  The problem is you're getting NO RESULTS.  Consider this...

    If you knew for every $1 you spent on marketing you got back $3 or $5 or even $20 in sales, you'd spend marketing money day and night, wouldn't you?

    You'd beg, borrow and steal to invest into marketing...BECAUSE IT'S MULTIPLYING YOUR INVESTMENT.

    So the real problem you're facing right now isn't the amount of money you're spending, it's the return you're NOT getting on your hard-earned dollars.

    “...Your newsletter has become the backbone of my business.  In 1 year, I sent 175 newsletters each month and increased my income by $51,473 that year.  I'd say that's a pretty good return on investment of just over $1,600.” (Michael B., REALTOR®, Whittier, CA)

    That said, I also understand you have a limited budget and you want to invest your money where it will have the greatest potential to bring you profits.

    So here's the SECOND part of my answer...

    Let's Do Some EASY MATH:

    Let's say your going to send about 300 issues a month to either your sphere of influence (past clients, friends, family and acquaintances – all homeowners), OR a specific farm where you specialize (don't forget, there are dozens of ways you can use Service For Life!®, and many of them cost you $0).

    Step #1:  Calculate your monthly investment to send Service For Life!®.    If it costs about $1.20 per issue on average (print, stuff, post and send), or less depending on your list size, you'll invest about $360 per month + the cost of the newsletter (about $97) = $457 per month.  Write that number on a piece of paper. (REMINDER: These numbers depend on your list size...AND...You can send Service For Life!® spending no money at all beyond your membership price – I'll explain more below)...

    Step #2:  Calculate out the average length of home ownership in your area.  Nationally it's about 5.5 years, but let's be conservative and say 7 years on “average.”  Write that number on a piece of paper.

    Step #3: Calculate how many transactions will come from your contact list or farm area EVERY year.  It's easy: simply divide the size of your list by the average home ownership length in your area.

    For example, if you have 300 people and the average home ownership is 7 years, then at least 42 transactions will come from that group every year (300 ÷ 7 = 42).  And this does NOT include all the referrals these folks will be sending you – it's just direct business from the group.

    Step #4:  Calculate Your Break-Even and Return on Investment.  Take Your monthly investment to send Service For Life!® and multiply it by 12 – to get your annual investment.  Then, divide the total cost by the average commission you make from selling a home to determine how many homes you'll need to sell in a year to pay for your Service For Life!® system.

    Using our example:  $457 x 12 = $5,484 per year to send Service For Life!® (that's to make 3,600 contacts over 12 months!).  Now, if your average commission on a $250,000 home is 3%, that's $7,500 (if it's a $400,000 home, it's $12,000; a $600,000 home, it's $18,000).

    Now, divide the total cost of sending it for one whole year by your average commission.  In this example, you're dividing $5,484 by $7,500 and you get 73%.  This means...

    You Only Need To Sell About “3/4ths of ONE” home (Out Of The 42 That WILL Sell From This Group) To Finance The ENTIRE YEAR of Your Service For Life!® Marketing System!

    Remember, that's ONE deal out of 42 to make a profit.  Do you now see how and why this tool quickly became the mainstay marketing tool for my “beta-testers?”

    What's more likely to happen?  

    Think about this: If the average homeowner owns their home 7 years, then of those 300 people, 42 homes will go on the market EVERY YEAR.

    Of those 42 homes, you need ONLY ONE to profit with Service For Life!®.  We all know the agent who gets the business is the one who's built the closest relationship, who's kept in contact, who's brought on-going value to people, and who's demonstrated competence and the level of commitment each month – so WHO do you think will get the lion's share of those 42 homes that will go on the market?

    Hint: it won't be the agent who sends out a recipe card or pumpkin seeds every 3 months OR the agent who thinks people will automatically call them because they did a previous deal with them (by the way, 81% of clients report they'd use an agent again – but only 11% actually do! – why?  Failure to follow-up.

    It'll be the agent who's THERE!  It will be YOU.

    How many of those deals do you think you're likely to get if you're the one who's there? (Certainly not all of them, but more than ONE, I'm pretty confident of that!).

    Our agents end up capturing up to 65% of that market – getting 25 or 30 of those transactions.    And imagine what happens when your list grows?  So too does your income.  That's why I say your success can be...


    IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Remember, unlike other “slick” newsletters who charge you for every issue you send out, you pay a FLAT RATE for Service For Life!® to be written for you each month.  You can send 10 or 10,000 issues, you pay nothing more for the actual newsletter (you'll only pay printing and postage).  I wanted to give you the flexibility in how you'll use it.

    IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  Did you know you can actually send out Service For Life!®  for FREE?  We provide you with a way to EMAIL your issues for FREE, plus a special Sponsor Kit with your membership – you get a proven sponsor solicitation letter, instructions, a phone script and a sample ad agreement. It's all done for you.

    This is clearly the MOST PROFITABLE marketing tool available – at least 9 times more profitable than cold-calling...once you account for the value of your time.

    So the REAL Issue isn't whether you can afford it, but can you afford NOT to use it?

    What are you doing to build market demonstrate continued VALUE to your BUILD RELATIONSHIP...and BE THE AGENT WHO'S THERE WHEN IT'S TIME FOR NEW MAKE YOURSELF REFERRAL WORTHY?

    So when you really think about it, the ONLY way you lose money with Service For Life!® is if you don't send it out every single month.

    In fact, right now – every single month – you're losing money hand-over-fist in LOST COMMISSIONS that go to another agent because you're not sending the right marketing contact, and building the right relationship with the right people in your business.

    “...Every time I send the newsletter out I get 2 or 3 buyers or listings immediately.  What I like most are the various topics – some lighthearted, some serious – but all are fun to read.  The opportunity to personalize each issue is the most important thing.” (Jeff B., REALTOR®, Plano, TX)
  1. Can I Send Out Service For Life!® For FREE?
  1. Yes, you can.  We currently have hundreds of agents who send out Service For Life!® spending very little or no money at all.  How do they do it?

    Well, many are using the ONLINE version of Service For Life!® you get when you become a member.

    We've teamed up with one of the nation's most powerful email companies to create a brand new html EMAIL template for your newsletter, so you can customize and send it out right from your computer.

    Here's the best part...the email version includes all the persuasive "psychological triggers", involvement devices and direct-response strategies. Plus, I'll give you 500 email credits each month to send the email version to your contacts for FREE.

    But there's another way you can send it for Free.

    It all started in 1998 when our “beta test” group of agents asked me how they could easily get sponsorship for their newsletter – thereby reducing their overall costs to send it, AND introducing a few smart (and competent) service suppliers to their clients.  The result?

    I put together a special “sponsor kit” for them to easily generate sponsors without taking time or energy from their main real estate practice.  You can now have the benefit of our testing and tweaking of our sponsor kit – you won't have to reinvent the wheel, just plug in the system we've created for you.

    When you become a member of Service For Life!®, I'll provide you with a special “Sponsor Kit,” including...

    1. A tested and proven sponsor solicitation letter I wrote.  This letter is unlike anything you've ever seen and will have potential sponsors calling you to sponsor your newsletter.

    2. A tested and proven phone script to use when sponsors call you – or when you call to follow-up your letter.  I've carefully worded your 30-second script for maximum success.

    3. A sample advertising agreement you can use with your sponsors.  All you do is complete a few spaces and you're ready to go.

    4. A special “Sponsor Template” for highlighting your sponsors inside your Service For Life!® issue each month.

    5. Complete instructions on how to use your Sponsor Kit, so it's quick and easy for you.

    IMPORTANT NOTE #1:  Even though we give you a sponsor kit, sending Service For Life!® is still the very best investment you'll ever make in your practice – even with NO sponsors.  Even without a dime in sponsorship, I believe the return on investment is still the highest of anything you'll use to market your services.

    IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  In the process of working with sponsors, make sure you never “endorse” the services of a sponsor.

  1. Is It Better To Send Service For Life!® by MAIL or EMAIL?
  1. Here's an honest answer: Mail will "almost" always out-pull email, if for no other reason than it doesn't get lost in the clutter of someone's email in-box and the ability to even get noticed.

    But here's a caution: Success using Service For Life!® is not "only" about which medium you use (mail, email, etc.), but in the QUALITY OF YOUR LIST. For example: An email version sent to quality power list members will greatly out-perform a mail version sent to a compiled list of homeowners from a title company.

    We added the email version, not because I believe email is better than mail, but for TWO main reasons...

    1. Email may be the only option for many agents with very limited/no budgets - so it's either email or nothing for them...

    2. I had a lot of requests from agents who wanted to send mail to their highest-quality clients and send email to everyone else (and some wanted to send both to everyone). A very smart strategy.

    We spent more than 6 months researching and designing our email template for the highest readership and response possible. We use the best content, multiple direct-response offers with an easy way for readers to contact you (just click on a link), client recognition and appreciation, involvement devices, referral programming, real estate Q&A, and the trivia question.

    But we have not eliminated the print version in favor of email - we've simply enhanced Service For Life!® with a completely integrated online/offline system.

    So it's not a question of "either-or" but more of how can you use BOTH mail and email to continue to provide value to your Power List, building a deep relationship that stimulates to referrals, word of mouth, and repeat business.

  1. How Long Will It Take To See Results?
  1. It depends on YOU - seriously.  About 48% of my beta testers closed at least 3 deals within the first 60 days using the newsletter – that's just over a 1,700% return on their marketing dollar in 2 months (try to get that in the stock market!).

    A few of them received 6 referrals their first month.  One received 11 – over $42,000 in gross commissions on a marketing investment of less than $500.

    But a few took nearly 9 months to see their first.  What made the difference?

    After investigating a little, I learned that it all revolved around one thing: QUALITY of their power list.  This will apply to you as well.

    Bottom line?  If you've failed to maintain regular, monthly contact with your power list (or you don't have one at all), don't be surprised to find most of them don't know who you are (one told me her Mother didn't even realize the newsletter was from her!).

    So it may take a few months and implementing a few “tested” strategies we've learned (and will teach you) to super-charge your power list.

    BUT THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS, because you'll now own a tool for automatically keeping your power list the highest quality possible – so you become THE agent they think of when they think real estate.

    Plus, you'll be getting something our “beta testers” didn't have – years of testing, tuning and perfecting this marketing tool.  You won't be re-inventing the wheel.  You won't have a “learning curve” to work through.  It's all been done before you.

    All you do is take what we have perfected and plug it into your practice.

    Of course, you'll have to manage a “power list” (it's VERY EASY and I'll show you how starting from day one).  And I give you a database program with our new online you can store and manage your contacts for FREE.

    I have a saying: “money doesn't grow on trees – it grows on data bases!”.  And, of course, you're going to service the good clients that come your way by referral or direct business.

    I've made a huge effort to ensure even the “slowest” agent gets results as quick as possible.  And once they start rolling in – it's an awesome feeling.  New clients arriving on your doorstep from one simple, yet powerful system.

    Use this tool consistently each month, and I shudder to think where you'll be a year from now.

  1. Are There Any Situations Where Service For Life!® Will NOT Work So Well For Agents?
  1. After working with thousands of agents and more than 10 years of producing Service For Life!® and other Direct-Response Newsletter Systems, we have discovered that there are, in fact, FOUR situations where your results my be compromised.

    The FIRST situation really has nothing to do with Service For Life!® has to do with YOU and what I call your “Referral-Worthiness.”  People who refer your services are putting THEIR reputation on the line, and they won't even consider endorsing you unless they're certain you're the most competent, professional choice for the person they're referring.

    Nothing will offset someone who's not competent, unprofessional or has a poor attitude, or simply lacks the “referral-worthy” personality.  We've had a few cases where the agents simply lacked the basic elements required to be a successful professional, and although Service For Life!® can help, it won't solve other problems.

    The SECOND situation is if you are not CONSISTENT with your contact.  Many marketing studies (including the Direct Marketing Association) reveal that the “minimum” amount of time between contact is 21 to 30 days, so you need to plan on sending Service For Life!® MONTHLY at the least.

    That's because response rates with relationship marketing increase over time, and if you don't commit to regular contact you'll never get the traction necessary to build the type of relationship (and demonstrate your commitment and follow-through as a professional) necessary to capture a dominant market share.

    The THIRD situation is if you are sending to a poor “quality” list of people.  List quality is one of the critical elements of successful marketing.  Sending Service For Life!® to a cold list of strangers will perform only a fraction as well as sending it to past clients or people who know you or recognize your name.

    If you're farming with Service For Life!®, it may take longer to see great results than if you're sending it to a “power list” of people who know you or know OF you.  The good news is you'll now have an automatic marketing system working to constantly increase the quality and responsiveness of your list(s).

    The FOURTH situation is if you attempt to modify the newsletter to your “liking” you may seriously compromise its effectiveness.  We've had agents who seemed to want to change and control the content, and they ended up removing the essential elements that made it work – then becoming disappointed with the results.

    My suggestion is this:  You practice real estate, let us write your marketing systems.  We know what we're doing, and we know what works – we've tested our results “six-ways-to-Sunday”.  This we we're both doing what we do best, and get the best results possible.

  1. How Do You Manage Assigned “Areas” Between Agents Using  Service For Life!®?
  1. During our first 1 ½ years of testing, I had 3 “beta test” agents from the same office using the newsletter at the same time.  They all knew about the others, and none of them had any overlap or problems with the other agents sending the newsletter.

    The “territory” issue has never been a problem because each agent sends the newsletter to his or her own “power list.”  And since it's impossible to control WHERE an agent will send their newsletter (a few send theirs across the country to family), “guaranteeing” exclusive territories would be impossible (WARNING: any newsletter or marketing tool that “guarantees” you an exclusive territory is promising something they cannot deliver!).

    But since some agents may want to farm using the newsletter, I didn't want to “flood” your market with a bunch of agents using the same tool.

    So we decided to carefully manage agents using this tool in each area.  We do this by minimizing the number of agents per zip code – depending on the density of the area.  For example, a zip code in New York city will allow more agents than 8 zip codes in, say, rural Iowa.

    We have a very reliable system for managing the number of agents using the tool in any one area.  And yes, we are now turning away a lot of agents – or putting them on a waiting list.

  1. Why Did You Make The “Look” Of  Service For Life!® The Way It Is?”
  1. The “look” of this is NOT identical to all the other mass-produced, agency-slick, brochure-looking newsletters out there.  It won't blend in with all the other 4-color, expensive “Junk Mail.” And there's a very good reason for all this.

    First, Service For Life!® was intentionally meant to “look” personal.

    I want the reader to think that YOU slaved more than 15 hours a month to research and write the newsletter.  I want them to think that YOU are the expert who's sharing valuable real estate and consumer knowledge.  And I want them to think YOU are providing the recognition, appreciation and referral programming in the newsletter.

    That's how you build a true relationship.

    Second, most of those slick “brochure-looking” newsletters go into the trash – because they're a dead-give-away that you just paid some company to print it for you.  They look just like junk mail, and they end up where all junk mail goes.

    Haven't you received those cold newsletters from investment brokers?  And didn't you think to yourself, “this is just another piece of junk mail?

    Third, this is the only newsletter I know of that's been TESTED for years in the real world – with real results from real agents.  Every page...all the elements were painstakingly created and tested to do ONE thing...

    Build And Nurture Such A Strong RELATIONSHIP
    So When Your Readers Think About Real Estate,
    They Automatically Think About YOU...BEFORE
    Any Other Agents Know They Exist!

    I've got $50+ million producers using this tool with $2 million and up “luxury” markets. And I've got $1 million producers using it with bargain homes.  All kinds of agents in all specialties and areas.  And they all call, write and email me to say how much their clients appreciate their newsletter.

    For the EMAIL version of the newsletter...we spent more than 6 months researching and designing the template for the highest readership and response possible. We took all the elements of the print version that make it work (the persuasive "psychological triggers", involvement devices and direct-response strategies), and created an HTML email template that's visually appealing plus easy to read online.

    Most importantly, it still looks like it was written by YOU. And, this is very important, it includes your photo and an area for you to share personal updates or local market news to make it extremely personal.

  1. Do Any Agents FARM Using The Service For Life!® Newsletter?
  1. Yes, they do. I never thought I'd say that, because I originally told my “beta testers” to ONLY use it with their highest quality list – their power list.

    But I was mistaken.

    In fact, I was shocked to learn on a group teleconference that almost half of my “beta testers” were farming with the print newsletter – and getting such profitable results (some were getting 3 and 4 listings each month!), they actually abandoned all other forms of marketing.

    Most homeowners love to see how much their home has appreciated in value since they've bought it, so we have a special “farming template” called “MarketWatch™” you can use to provide active, pending and sold statistics for farms – another “involvement device” that makes your newsletter welcomed each month.

    You'll also get a number of breakthrough “secrets” for farming successfully, and they're covered in the “Jump Start” Webinar you get as a new member.

  1. What Kind Of Computer Software Will I Need to Personalize My Issues?
  1. You'll need to have MS Word® (word processing software) to use the print newsletter – Windows® or Mac® versions will work.  It's the most popular word processing software on the planet.  If your computer came with any of the MS Office programs, it should have MS Word. Otherwise you can contact your local computer retailer.

    And for the email newsletter, you'll just need an internet connection since the online version of Service For Life!® has a built-in HTML email editor that works a lot like MS Word®.

  1. Couldn't I Write My Own Newsletter Each Month?
  1. Sure you could.  You'll need between 14 and 20 hours per month to research, write and format the newsletter.  And you'll need professional sources for getting the information – without violating copyright and getting sued.

    Then, you'll need to learn hundreds of “psychological direct response” elements that took me 25+ years and over 10,000 hours of writing to master.

    And in the process, you would be giving up tens of thousands of dollars you could have made selling real estate to write a newsletter.

    So the answer is “YES,” you can do it all yourself – buy WHY?? – when it's all done for just a fraction of what you would spend doing it all yourself.

    The best advice I can give an agent: You make the most money working with clients and closing deals – practicing real estate.  Every minute you take away from that...especially doing things that have a lower value (including writing newsletters)...and you just gave yourself a pay cut.

  1. How Do I Create A List of People To Send It To?
  1. Building a list of people to send it to is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the process here – and it is the MOST IMPORTANT marketing you will ever do with your business.  It represents your “personal market share” in the business.  If you have no personal market share, you force yourself to the stresses and humiliation (and waste of time) of cold, manual prospecting.

    That's because people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, they feel are COMPETENT, and whom they TRUST.  Remember what I said earlier on this page...


    73% of ALL clients come this way.

    So let's talk about 2 types of lists you'll be building with Service For Life®: 1) Your “Power List” and 2) a Farming Area.

    Your power list is the highest quality list in your business – it is essentially YOUR MARKET SHARE, and it will ultimately be responsible for up to 85 or 90% of your entire business.  Most agents take 20 years to build strong market share because they don't know how to do it – we'll show you how to do it within 12 to 18 months.  And it will keep delivering clients and profits for as long as you practice real estate.

    Building a power list is VERY EASY – we have agents who built a list over 300 people in their first 6 months alone, and in the process of just building the list generated 15 to 20 new clients they would have never seen otherwise – and that's just in the process of building your list.

    We will show exactly what to do to build your power list.  I give you a FREE course with your membership, called “Building Critical Mass In Your Real Estate Practice” that will show you, step by step, exactly HOW to build a power list.  It's a video presentation of one of our recent seminars on building a power list, PLUS, a complete manual with over 30 ready-to-use marketing systems.  Agents paid up to $1,600 for these materials when I presented them live.  I'm including it as a FREE BONUS to help you succeed as much as possible (and you can watch it directly on the Member's Only Website anytime - no matter where you're at).

    The QUALITY of your power list is more important than the total number of people.  For example, we have a couple in Orange County who regularly make $250,000 per year on a power list of about 320 people.  Others have 2,000 or more and don't do that volume.  

    The difference?  The 320 people know the agent better, have been in a contact program with them for years, and they automatically think of the agent when they think 'real estate.'

    Now let's talk briefly about FARMING:

    The best advice anyone could give you for farming: “Fish in a stocked pond.”  

    There are subdivisions and areas in your locale that are MORE profitable than others.  Again, the selection of your list (farm area) is going to be the most important factor.

    You want to find areas with: 1) large #'s of homes for sale, 2) lots of turns (i.e. the subdivision turns over a lot), 3) fast sale times, 4) fewer agents working the subdivision – so you know there's opportunity for you.  If you find that the average homeowner owns their home 4.5 years in your area, you can pull a list of homeowners who have owned their home from 3 years to 6 years – and have a more qualified list.

    And ALWAYS include our “MarketWatch™” template with your farming area – people want to know how much their home has increased in value.  If you know that's something they want – give it to them each month.

    Also, include a brief market overview of activity for the area – shows you're a professional and competent, and YOU KNOW THEIR AREA (you're a specialist).

  1. Can I Share My Service For Life!® Issues With Other Agents?
  1. Your newsletter membership comes with a single-user license.  This means that you and you alone are licensed to use the newsletter in your own practice only.  You may not provide the newsletter to any other agents under any circumstances.  In some cases, we allow partners to use the newsletter together – such as husband and wife.  However, sharing the newsletter with any other agents is a violation of your license agreement and a violation of copyright – and is illegal.

    If you have multiple agents who would like to use Service For Life!®, we do offer a “broker” license where multiple agents can use Service For Life!® for one low cost.

    Please call our offices Toll-Free at (800) 622-2540 and we'll answer any questions about license and help get you going.

  1. WARNING!: My Mortgage Broker (or another provider) Offered  To Give Me A Newsletter To Send For FREE If I Send Them Business – Why Don't I Use That In My Business?
  1. YOU COULD GET SUED USING ANOTHER NEWSLETTER!  It's true.  There are people offering similar newsletters for real estate professionals – knock-off companies (and agents) and even mortgage brokers who are giving newsletters away for free to seduce you to send them your mortgage, title or other business.

    One mortgage lender actually used OUR Service For Life!® for these purposes – until we took legal action against him.  Please be careful. Here's why...

    We've learned that many of these other newsletters 1) are inferior knock-offs that hopelessly neglect the right elements to make them work to begin with, and 2) MANY DO NOT CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT.

    Because they are lazy, they illegally steal content from websites and news sources thinking no one will ever know.  What they don't know is these sources employ teams of lawyers who will sue YOU if they find you are using their articles illegally.

    And believe me, they will find's their job to find you!

    They won't just sue the publisher, they'll go after YOU too.  Copyright infringement has no statute of limitations and includes harsh (I mean HARSH!) penalties.  Is it really worth the risk?

    Service For Life!® content is researched and written by our internal staff writers – so you can rest assured you always have the very best, up to date content.

  1. Can I Send Service For Life!® Outside My Assigned Area?
  1. Yes, you can.  And that's why we don't give “guaranteed exclusive territories.”  But we DO protect areas as best as humanly possible, and I cannot “guarantee” your area will be available when you sign up – so it's best to get your application in right now if you want to use this tool in your practice.

  1. How Do I Get My Service For Life!® Printed, Stuffed And Sent?
  1. There are several ways you can go with printing and sending your Service For Life!® issues, depending on your budget and time available.

    Many of our agents on a tight budget (or with extra time available) print, fold and send their own issues.  This is obviously the least costly way (can be as little as 50 cents an issue, plus postage), as you're doing much of the work yourself. Some even hire neighborhood kids to help and pay them on a per-piece basis (like .08 per piece or so).

    Some of our agents have a budget allowance from their brokers, and/or they use their broker's printers to create their own issues.  Others use the resources or allowance of local title companies or other related professionals with whom they have an existing relationship.

    Many of our agents create sponsorship programs with other compatible professionals, thereby sending their issues out for FREE or very little cost.  We give you everything you need to establish a sponsor program – fantastic recruitment letters, scripts and sponsor templates for your issues.

    There's also another option.  A few years ago our “beta test” group negotiated a volume discount with several of the best printers in the country.

    The companies we've been using can do everything turn-key (print, mail merge, stuff, post, and send), or can do any part of the process for you. You simply email your database list to them with your current month's modified issue – and they take it from there.  We'll give you everything you'll need once you sign up.

    And here's an interesting tip: We've found that using a printer in Arizona can actually save you postage.  That's because, with our dry climate, the paper weighs less because it has less moisture content.  Many agents have switched from more humid climates to printing and posting in Arizona – and saved a bundle!

    Watch this video to learn more about printing your issues:

  1. OK, This Sounds Interesting, But Tell Me Exactly What I Get When I Become A Member Of The Service For Life!® Marketing System?
  1. First, if you are accepted, you'll be joining a very select group of agents who are getting more clients in a week than most agents get in a year – more like two or three years.  That's not an exaggeration.

    And we don't just send you a newsletter and leave you out in the dark to fend for yourself.  You'll have continued access to all the "how to" training you'll need to start sending Service For Life!®, and you'll be on the “priority list” for new discoveries, ideas, strategies, and updates for making your Service For Life!® system more and more profitable.

    Here's what you'll get when you become a member (You can also see our SIGNUP Page)...

    1. You'll receive a professionally written Service For Life!® newsletter issue each month, including all the secret marketing strategies, elements and tools for stimulating unlimited new business, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business.  It's completely ready to use.

      You can download the OFFLINE print version 24/7 within the Member's Only Website to personalize and mail out. You'll also get a READ-ME file with special instructions on personalizing your print newsletter for the month, and a custom cover letter to perfectly match your issue topics.

      All you do is download the current issue, open your MS Word® software, personalize it in a few areas so it looks like it came off your computer (very important!), decide which inserts you want to include, and you're ready to have it printed.

      The average agent spends about 30 minutes a month getting it ready to print and send out.

      You'll also get an ONLINE html version each month, which you can modify and send out within our online system. Plus we'll give you 500 email credits each month for FREE.

      You simply login to the online system, personalize your issue using the built-in email editor, and you're good to go in just a few minutes. We even merge your contact details in to the email version of the newsletter to save you time.

    2. Marketing Systems and Online Tools, including:

      An Article Library to replace any existing articles within your newsletter, an online Contact Database to store and manage your contact lists, and Web Input Forms to put on your website and grow your list.

      You'll also get a powerful Service For Life!® "Marketing Tool Kit" to access anytime within the Member's Only Website. Your Tool Kit will include all the proven inserts, sponsorship tools, and ready-to-use marketing tools to maximize your return using Service For Life!®. This ONE resource took our group over 12 months to create and perfect, and is worth thousands of dollars in new business when used with your Service For Life!® system.

    3. Marketing Training to Grow Your Income FAST, including:

      I want you to be as successful as possible using this tool, so I'm holding nothing back.

      You'll get a special “User's Guide”, which shows you, step-by-step how to use your newsletter.  This user's guide will take you from downloading your issue, all the way through printing, stuffing, sending – even how to get sponsorship for your newsletter.

      And extensive "How To" Video Tutorials on the Members's Website give you a visual of how to use every aspect of your personal marketing department.

    4. Five FREE BONUSES (worth $1815.95)...

      See the list of bonuses below or on the SIGNUP Page...

      FREE BONUS #1: THIRTEEN (that's 13!) Special Real Estate Consumer Awareness Reports (Valued at $197.00 – yours FREE). Not a bunch of bland, boring reports with generic real estate information – they're detailed, quality reports that give compelling real estate information and (because they're personalized as if YOU wrote them) position you as a true expert and professional. Most important, they're the perfect “response magnet” to bring you quality leads.

      FREE BONUS #2: Your Very Own "List Building Toolkit" to quickly build your Power List in size and quality, plus get email addresses (Valued at $29.95 – yours FREE).

      FREE BONUS #3: Our REALTOR® SuperConference Highlight Presentation (Valued at $997 – yours FREE). “Building Critical Mass In Your Real Estate Practice – How to quickly and easily build an ever-growing multi-six-figure real estate income via relationships, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business”. Watch this video anytime in the Member's Only Website.

      FREE BONUS #4: Our CONFIDENTIAL REALTOR® “Building Critical Mass” SuperConference ACTION GUIDE (Valued at $395 – actually PRICELESS and Yours FREE). 41 ready-to-use marketing systems along with slides to follow along with the special training presentation.

      FREE BONUS #5: Our Breakthrough REALTOR® Course “The Ultimate Real Estate Success Secret™” (Valued at $197 – yours FREE). The Most Important Guide You'll Ever Read For Building A Powerful Real Estate Practice – PART I teaches you the essential knowledge, skills and revelations for success. While PART II show you a 4-Step, production-multiplying marketing system to build a reliable income each year.

    5. Your Own Personal License To Employ Your Service For Life!® System...

      $497 License Fee WAIVED for a limited time. When you apply, we'll review your ZIP code and area to get you started with your own personal license to use the copyrighted material. Make sure your area is available right now by completing the form on the SIGNUP Page...

    You'll be getting everything you need to quickly put Service For Life!® to work for you – including support and guidance when you need it...


    Walter P. Chrysler, the automobile giant once said...

    “The Reason So Many People Never Get Anywhere In Life Is
    Because When Opportunity Knocks, They're Out In
    The Backyard Looking For Four-Leaf Clovers.”

    Opportunity is knocking for you – right now.  It's doesn't take “magic” to become a huge success in real estate.  You don't need superhuman powers.  And you don't need to ruin your personal and family life to make a great living.

    Right now, this very moment, you can decide to change all that's bothering you about your business.

    Real estate is a tough business.  Three quarters of all agents go broke or quit in their first 3 years.  And those who remain face a constant struggle of feast-famine, fierce competition, and making a fraction of their potential using “manual” prospecting methods.

    You can finally start working with the very best clients.  You can start automatically maximizing the lifetime value of each client – turning just one transaction into 5 or 6 additional clients.  You can simplify your business and your marketing while multiplying your production and lowering costs – almost automatically.

    And you can start working with the most profitable 73% of the market – rather than “settle” for the scraps of the 27%.

    The only way you fail is by turning your back on the most profitable tool and strategy ever made available to REALTORS® – a tested and proven tool that's become the mainstay for a select group of top producers.

    So before you click away from this page, and completely miss-out on “opportunity knocking,” apply to use Service For Life!® in  your area.  Once you apply, we'll call and let you know if your territory is available, and you can start to change your income and life – starting today.

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