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A Momentary Detour

I need to interrupt our articles for just a minute and talk to you about something very important…and very timely to your success.

Recently, I sat down to share with you another important article when I received a video from Vangie Berry, an agent in Florida.

It was so revealing I decided to “stop the presses” for a moment so you can see it for yourself …

Vangie Berry
Andy Ghigo
David Corbin
Rebecca Knisley
Kibe Lucas
Blaine Tarnecki
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Vangie Berry
Andy Ghigo
David Corbin
Rebecca Knisley
Kibe Lucas
Blaine Tarnecki
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I love to get comments like these.  And naturally I’m thrilled with the results Vangie is getting – and I wish her the very best (by the way, you can see more videos, audios and written comments from our agent family on our “Agent Comments” page).

But her comments got me thinking…

I quickly realized that a lot of our agents have overlooked the most important “missing link” for easily creating a consistent, ever-growing multi-million dollar real estate business.

So I want to give you a quick 2-minute review…and talk heart-to-heart about something important.  Actually I have an important question I need you to consider.

But first I want to review a few things before I ask you this question…

If you’ve been reading my articles diligently, you hopefully understand the intense power of the system you’re learning here.

In article 1, I talked about the single most important ingredient of a $7-Figure real estate income.  Do you remember?

You learned that, according to the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Buyers and Sellers, approximately 74% of all real estate transactions occur because of a deep relationship…yet only 4% of all agents have a system powerful enough to become the one “captive” agent for those transactions.

Meaning that 4% of all agents harvest the lion’s share of the business – while the remaining wrestle each other for their leftovers.

In articles 2, 3 and 4, you learned about the 3 most important “profit revelations” of a successful real estate prospecting system:

  1. Selecting, creating and refining a super-focused, high potential list of people most predisposed to do business with you (your “House List”)…
  2. Provide consistent, personal, and welcomed and valued contact that distinguishes you from other agents – both personally and professionally, and…
  3. Give meaningful, multiple, self-serving and irresistible reasons to contact you, do business with you, and refer your services.

Then, in article 5, I showed you how to make your success a Mathematical Certainty by revealing to you our “Critical Mass Targeting System™.

I even gave you a simple 3-Step fill-in-the-blanks formula to calculate your own Critical Mass™ number in your practice.

You also learned the importance of your “Personal Market Share™.”  If you have no Personal Market Share™ your practice never achieves the “traction” needed for lasting success, and real estate will be a constant grind…a never-ending struggle.

In article 6 you learned how to maximize the “throughput” of your practice by increasing the Speed and Volume of transactions.

And I shared with you the most important skill you’ll ever have in business: how to evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of your client generation systems.

Our final article of Part I (article 7) revealed to you the single, most important “revelation” I ever learned for creating lasting, growing success: the importance of Discrimination in your business.

Part II of our course will now walking you, step by step, through implementing the most powerful marketing system for long-term success in real estate.

If you question the power of the system you’re now learning…ask any top producer how they get the majority of their business.  Ask any ‘coach’ worth their salt what’s the most effective way to build a real estate practice.

Or listen to a few of the hundreds of comments OUR agents have made about this system at our “Agent Comments” page.

And the question I want to ask you is this…

Did You Notice That There’s Something Missing Here…The “Glue” That Brings This Marketing System Perfectly Together Into A Non-Stop Money-Generating Machine and Makes The Entire Process Almost Effortless For You?

Let me give you a hint.  A few years back, when I was teaching this system to our REALTOR® group, the one “roadblock” for agents wanting to do all this was…

What Will They Use To Connect With Their Leads,
Clients, Prospects, House List or Farm Without
Having To Sweat, Toil And Do It Themselves?

How do you get things started and moving quickly?

We needed something completely different from anything else out there for agents.

We needed something personal, yet “positions” our agent as a knowledgeable professional.  That bonds people to them like close family, and differentiates them from every other “commodity” agent out there.

And we needed something that gets our agents to the client FIRST – before other agents know the client exists.  Something that has multiple reasons to contact them…do business with them…and refer their services.

But most importantly…our agents needed something “done for them” that takes 30 minutes a month – max…so they can spend their time doing the most important task: Working with clients, closing deals and getting paid.  (I call this process “Throughput™”…remember?)

So I spent 6 months wracking my marketing brain and developed Service For Life!®.

We then tweaked and perfected it for over a year in the “real world”…with captivating content people crave, 3 involvement devices, 7 “psychological hooks” to bond readers to you, and more than 14 direct-response offers to motivate people to call you and refer your services.

After years of perfecting…the system now works like a Swiss watch.

Beaming forward…we now have thousands of agents using Service For Life!®.

New agents and grizzled veterans.  Agents from every specialty, production level and corner of the country are now generating more clients…more referrals…and more repeat business than ever before.

Forgive my directness…but the question I have for YOU is…

Are YOU Using Service For Life!® In Your Practice?

If your answer is “yes” I want you to know you now own a system that will get you to lasting success in real estate faster and more surely than anything else in the world.

You’re now creating your own Personal Market Share™ in this business…a dynamic you can rely on to ‘steady the commission ship’ and continue to predictably send you clients year-in and year-out…regardless of the economy or interest rates or competition.

While other agents are straining and worrying and complaining about ‘the market’…you’ll have the unique assurance of knowing your business will keep humming along for as long as you practice real estate.

If you doubt my words, then read and listen to the hundreds of volunteered comments from agents using Service For Life!®.

Service For Life!® is the “backbone” marketing system of nearly every agent who uses it – it’s that powerful…

But if you’re NOT using Service For Life!®


Isn’t it time to finally take control of your business…stop “hunt and peck” marketing…implement a sound, proven strategy…and finally get the respect you deserve?

Isn’t it about time you stepped-up to the ranks of the super-successful in this business and got the respect and recognition you deserve?

Service For Life!® is the most profitable, least expensive marketing available to REALTORS®.  It’s also the most effective – with the lowest “client acquisition” cost of practically anything you can do in your practice (including manual prospecting!).

It’s so unique, we received federal Trademark registration for the name, and a Copyright on the content and layout.

No one else understands how to implement the unique elements that make Service For Life!® so effective.

It’s done for you.  It’s fast.  It will generate clients before other agents know they exist.  It will ignite your lead pipeline and convert them to commission checks.

You’ll finally you’ll have a reliable tool to bond readers to you like family…and automatically stimulate referrals, word of mouth and repeat business.

You don’t need to believe me…just look at the comments from other agents…agents just like you who are now using Service For Life!® in their businesses.

We’ve done the hard part – all you do is use it.

There are more than 10 different ways to use Service For Life!® in your practice.  You can even use it for FREE with our Email and Sponsor System included when you subscribe.

Most importantly, subscribing to Service For Life!®…including a fresh issue written for you each month…with all the “hooks” and elements I mentioned earlier…a pre-written cover letter…READ ME file…ready-to-use tool kit with every template you can imagine…and easy, step-by-step instructions and Personal Toll-Free Support

Costs Less Than You Spent On COFFEE Last Month!

And as a “good will” gesture, I’ll also share with you a FREE BONUS COURSE (DVD and System) called “Building Critical Mass In Your Real Estate Business™.”  This system has sold for over $600 – it’s yours FREE when you subscribe.

I included this bonus because I want you to have every opportunity to realize astonishing success in your practice when using Service For Life!®.  Heck, I know I sound like I’m “selling” Service For Life!®, but if you saw the results I see agents getting…

…If you saw the lives that have been changed…

…If you saw the reaction on our agents’ faces when they double or triple their production in just 9 to 15 months (and keep going thereafter)…

You’d Be Excited TOO!

So the question you really need to ask yourself is: Can you afford NOT to be using Service For Life!® in your practice?

How many commissions have you’ve lost because you did NOT get there first…you did NOT have the right relationship…and you did NOT give people the right reasons to use your services?

Seriously…how many times have you kicked yourself after learning one of your clients or prospects just went with ANOTHER AGENT?

It’s time to take control.  The decision is yours…

You can be skeptical and not believe a word I’ve said (after learning the power of this strategy and seeing hundreds of agent comments about Service For Life!®…that’s going to be tough, isn’t it?).

You can be stubborn or procrastinate…or pretend you don’t need a reliable system like Service For Life!® – and keep watching clients that should be yours go to other agents…

Or you can be like Vangie above…and start using the most powerful tool and strategy in real estate.

How much longer do you want to wait?

Today’s Action Plan:

Check out the links here at (To the right and top of the page).

There’s a complete marketing education waiting for you by clicking on those links.

You can learn all the details about relationship marketing and Service For Life!®. You can see the more than 10 ways agents are using Service For Life!®

You can see and listen to comments from agents who are using Service For Life!®…You can get just about every question you’ll have about Service For Life answered….