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#4 – How to Multiply Your Client Volume Almost Overnight

Before we begin today’s article, there’s something important you need to know…

Up till now you learned (in article 2) the importance of creating your own “personal market” of people who know you…who welcome your contact…and will quickly think of you for their real estate needs or referrals (your “House List” of past clients, friends, family and acquaintances).

Then, in article 3, we talked about the revelation of marketing “Narrow and Deep” to your “market” (house list or farm)…to bond them to you like family.

But today’s article is probably the most important, because If you don’t get today’s revelation right, all your effort – the time, the energy, the money invest in your business – will be completely wasted.

That’s why…today…I want to bring you the third part of your success equation.  It’s…

Profit-Multiplying Revelation #3:

Give people multiple, meaningful, self-serving REASONS TO CONTACT YOU FIRST and REFER YOUR SERVICES and SPREAD YOUR WORD-OF-MOUTH.

We’re all busy.  Our attention spans are limited in today’s world of information bombardment.

That’s why it’s so challenging…so difficult to get any marketing message through to the right prospect.

But even getting your message through to the right prospect doesn’t mean you’ve won the battle.  In fact, this is where most agents blow it and lose the prospect…and in turn they lose their commission check.

They lose the prospect and waste valuable marketing dollars because…

They Gave the Prospect Absolutely NO Meaningful
Reason to Respond or Do Business with Them!

Your contact must overtly give people reasons to respond and contact you, and subtle reasons to refer your services.

What do I mean by this?

Most agents naïvely assume that people will call them just by seeing their photo in a fancy ad.  Or some neighborhood letter with a market analysis.  Or when they write, “Call me for your real estate needs.”

It’s time for some “tough love.”

No one will call because your tag-line says, “when you’re serious about real estate,” or “when you expect the best,” or any of those meaningless, wishy-washy gutless messages.

People are self-interested first and foremost.  They’re not interested in your designations, your “image” or your pets.

They’ll respond to you when you OFFER them credible assistance to help them solve an urgent, pressing problem…or provide them with a deeply-desired benefit…

What Kinds of Offers?

Let’s look at a few examples you can use in your practice…

Our Service For Life!® agents use “education-based marketing” to help their prospects and clients make educated decisions when buying and selling – ways to sell their home for top dollar…ways to dress their home to show best…how to scour the market for hidden bargains…and how to get the best financing when buying.

And in the meantime, the strategy “positions” the agent as a knowledgeable professional with their clients’ best interests at heart.

There’s little work on your part – everything is created for you.

Or how about instead of CMA’s you expand your service and make it different from other agents by giving “Home Audits.”  Your home audit is more than a CMA…it’s a complete analysis of the ways to position and dress the home to sell for top dollar in short time.

Or how about community resource guides revealing school information, shopping, medical resources, etc. to offer your prospects and clients.

Or special customized reports of exact homes on the market matching the description of what the buyer is looking for (all pulled from MLS).

Do You Think Your Prospects and Clients Are
Interested in These Topics when Buying or Selling?

You bet they are!

Do many agents offer these resources and motivate calls?  Hardly any.

Why?  Because the agent community has been brainwashed into believing the “single-transaction sales” mentality.

Rather than position themselves as helpful, valuable professionals…our industry is denigrating agents to look like sales scavengers – forced to settle for the leftovers of agents who truly get it.

See, the secret here is giving people meaningful, self-serving reasons to connect with YOU and call you – rather than you chasing madly into the market hat-in-hand and looking like just another “commodity agent” scouting for business…

That’s How You Get People to Call You

And they’ll REFER to you when you subtly tell them to do so, how to do so, and give them the reasons how and why you’re the best choice for referrals.

Remember this: People will never refer your services unless they truly believe in YOU…your competence, your knowledge, your professionalism.

Why is this?

Because giving a referral puts THEIR credibility on the line for a positive outcome.

They don’t want to look bad.  So unless they’re completely certain you’re the outstanding choice and will treat their referral with first-class service – they’ll keep their mouths shut about you.


Over the past 3 articles, you’ve learned three simple revelations to ingrain in your mind that will CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFE FOREVER:

Creation of a HIGH POTENTIAL MARKET most likely to welcome your contact, respond, do business with you, and refer your services to others – your “House List”…

Create consistent, welcomed, value-oriented CONTACT that demonstrates your value, uniqueness and competency while being warm and personal (not stuffy)…

Give meaningful, multiple, irresistible REASONS to CONTACT YOU and subtle reasons on how and why to refer your services to others.

It’s easy to create your own personal “house list.”  All you need is a database and a little persistence and initiative to make contact monthly; EVERY MONTH (I’m going to show you how to do this step-by-step in Part II shortly).

It’s the SECOND and THIRD parts of the equation that are difficult: 1) taking the time and energy to create welcomed, value-oriented contact, and 2) giving people multiple reasons to contact you and refer your services.

After all…your job is to sell real estate, not spend hours researching and writing marketing tools good enough to work in your practice.

The truth is…you could study marketing for years, try and try on your own, and still never get it right.

So chances are it never gets done for you.  And chances are you never get the market share you deserve.  You never get the “traction” needed to really meet your potential in real estate.

You can save yourself a mountain of work…and a boatload of frustration when you focus on doing your highest value work (working with clients and closing deals), and let other experts help you do what they do best.

That’s why I created Service For Life!®.  It’s one, single, simple tool that’s done for you each month.  It’s scientifically engineered to include gripping reading, with 7 “psychological triggers,” 2 “involvement devices” and over 14 “direct response offers.”

A “welcomed” tool that builds such a strong, valuable BOND with your market, they think of you automatically without even considering other agents (it’s true).

A tool so unique, we received registered Federal Trademark Rights and Copyright on its name and design.

Shoot!  I don’t mean to sound like I’m selling.  But this tool is for real, and sometimes I can’t help myself.

You just can’t imagine the excitement you feel when this tool and strategy kicks into action for you.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

But enough of my rant.  Let’s quickly move on to…

Today’s Action Plan:

I want you to see an example of what we’ve been talking about here today – even if it’s to use your own “home grown” marketing system.

Open an issue of Service For Life!®.  Or click the “See a Sample” link on our menu bar in the upper-left of this page.

See if you can identify ALL of the overt offers and subtle referral programming we have in play with just one sample issue: Educational-based marketing, overt offers, offer teasers, referral programming, referral appreciation, client recognition, referral obligation, agent credibility devices (Q&A article) and more.

Then take a look at all the stories and strategies from agents just like you who are using this tool in their practices.  These are no casual quips, but true-to-life stories of how agents are multiplying their production with less stress, less strain and a whole lot more fun.