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#19 – (Step 3) – House List Cultivation System 4: After-Sale Contact Systems™

Do you give closing gifts to your clients following a successful transaction?

Most agents do.

After all, the close of a successful transaction is the prime time to express your appreciation to your client.

But it’s also a time when such a gift is almost expected by your client.  And when it’s expected, it doesn’t have near the impact as it would when unexpected (such as the “wowing” systems I mentioned in Article 16).

So let’s get this straight.  You definitely want to show your appreciation to your clients, but you also know that it’s probably not going to have the impact of an unexpected gift.  That’s because closing gifts are almost a necessity these days.

What does all this mean?

It means that your closing gift must be something that will make a deep personal impact on your clients, AND be a great vehicle for keeping you in the top of their minds for referrals and repeat business – without violating any gift-value laws or regulations.

This gets me back to the issue of LEVERAGE.  Remember we’ve talked about leverage before?  “Leverage” is your ability to get more return for either the same (or less) effort.

And the “leverage” question you want to ask yourself here is…

What Can You Give that Makes a Deep Impact and
Reminds People of YOU Again and Again?

But the “leverage” question goes even deeper.  Is there anything else you can gain from your client at this time that will help you in your business?

I like asking empowering questions.  That’s because empowering questions motivate answers that move you forward.  And the answer to the “leverage” question is, YES, there are numerous opportunities you have to not only make a personal impact with your clients…but to help your business grow in the process.

Here are 3 simple systems you can implement following the close of a transaction…and these systems will not only make an impact with your clients, but also help grow your production to new heights in the process.

Remember…these are all TASK systems as we covered in Article 15.  They should go into your checklists so they’re consistently accomplished with EVERY client…

After Sale™ System #1:  The Perennial Post Premium™

Do you use “strategy” when sending out thank-you gifts to your clients?  If not, here’s a great strategy that really works.

Simply stated, you want to find a gift of beauty that’s “home” related, yet will REMIND people of you each and every month, like clockwork.

Here’s an example:  People who buy or sell a home (and most likely buy again), are very interested in how to make the house they bought into a “home.

That’s why I recommend you find a subscription to a high-quality magazine, such as Architectural Digest and send a special 1 or 2-year subscription to your client.  Here’s what you’re doing:

  • You are sending a gift related to homes, with lots of ideas and helpful information they will use with their home – you’re giving VALUE;
  • Where do you think a high-end magazine will land in their home?  Most likely on the coffee table – where other people can see it.  Two things will happen: 1) Others will see the magazine and ask about it, upon which your clients will tell them YOU sent it, and 2) If you get the publisher to put something on the label such as “Compliments of [Your Name], REALTOR®” your client’s friends will see it – a great conversation piece.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, your gift will continue to arrive on your client’s doorstep month after month, perhaps year after year.  And every month, when they open the beautiful magazine, guess who they will think of?


Is there any better way to reinforce your name almost effortlessly, month after money, year after year?

Are there other applications of the Perennial Post Premium™?  Of course there are.  You could, for example, put your clients on a monthly flower delivery program for the first year.

Or you could put your clients on a “candy of the month” program – each month they’ll receive a new selection of treats with YOUR name on them.
Or if you find your clients are golf nuts, give them a subscription to a high-end golf magazine.

And, most importantly…you need to send your Service For Life!® Direct-Response Prospecting and Referral newsletter once a month.  This will continue to bring value to your clients, bond them to you…and motivate them to refer their friends and family to you.  The bottom line is…

You Want to Do Something that Motivates
Your Clients to TALK About You

Think of the different products that could be delivered on a monthly basis, thus reminding your clients of YOU without you having to call or take any extra effort whatsoever.

That’s what I mean by “leverage.”

After Sale™ System #2:  The After-Sale Survey™

One of the greatest ways to heighten your “professionalism” in the eyes of your clients, gain valuable feedback for improving your practice, and stimulate referrals is with a post-sale “Referral-Programming Survey™.”

It’s all easily accomplished by sending out a simple “survey” letter with a self-addressed, pre-stamped return envelope.  This makes it easy for your client to respond to you.

Here’s a great example you can use in your practice (click on the image to enlarge)

I hope you use the above letter.  Why?

Because the agents who use it continually improve their practices with the feedback, and receive the highest referral rates in the business.  And they show their clients that they CARE about their business – a trait of true a true professional.

And you can use their comments as testimonials!

But MOST IMPORTANT of all:  As you accumulate many surveys, you now have a vehicle for…

Using Service Statistics in Your Marketing!

Armed with survey results, you can make simple claims like…

“9.9 out of 10 clients would use my services again…”

“9.95 out of 10 clients would refer me to friends and family needing caring and competent services.”

And so on.  Do you see the VALUE in this process?  Do you see how it will differentiate you from other agents?

After Sale™ System #3: Post-Sale Testimonial Request™

I am a HUGE fan of testimonials.  Yet, I see so few agents using them correctly.

There is nothing more influential to the human mind than the positive comments made about the quality of your services from an unbiased person.  That’s because (I’ll say it again)…

What Others Say About You is 10,000 Times More
Influential than What You Say About Yourself

That’s why I want you to ASK for testimonial letters from every client.  Just make it part of your closing or post closing checklists – a “task” system.

Then, I want you to use the testimonials in EVERY single marketing piece you create: letters, ads, flyers, postcards, listing presentations, buyer packages and more.

You cannot imagine how much business you will get by using testimonials.  People want proof.  And if you want them to believe you, you need to prove you can do what you promise.

So, what are the elements of great testimonials?  Here is a review…

  1. First and foremost, you want testimonials to tell what you DID for someone.  Did you save them money or time?  Were you responsive?  Provide information other agents didn’t.  Remember, what you DO for people is most important.  And what you did must also be valuable to the person reading the testimonial.
  2. Your testimonials need to differentiate you from other agents.  They should tell what you did that other agents wouldn’t have done.
  3. The strongest testimonials always start with, “I was skeptical…, but after working with Mary…”  You want to acknowledge objections, then have your testimonials overcome them.
  4. Always put the FULL NAME of the people who gave you a testimonial.  You don’t need to put their address or phone number.  Testimonials with just initials (Ex) P.R., Phoenix, AZ) are not as credible as full names.

Here’s a simple letter you can send to every client you do business with – and a RESPONSE Letter you can send after you receive your testimonial.

Systemize the process of asking for positive comments about your services after every closing, and you’ll see your business grow.

Now…here’s the letter you can send in response to a testimonial you receive (whether it’s from the letter above or your After-Sale Survey™).

You can use the above letters either in place of the After-Sale Survey Letter I gave you above, or in addition to it.  If you use it in addition to it, send it several weeks after your survey letter (assuming they did NOT give you a testimonial with your survey – if they did, just send the follow-up letter).

Whether you use the Survey Letter or the Request for Testimonial…using testimonials in your practice will instantly differentiate you from other agents and goes a long way toward providing the proof and believability people require to do business with you.

Today’s Action Plan:

You just learned 3 easy “task” systems that will help grow your practice and bring you greater credibility with your marketing.  Like your Transaction Referral Programming™ systems, they’re pretty simple, but they’re powerful…especially when used collectively.

They are the 4th House List Cultivation System™ out of 7 you’re learning as part of Step #3 of my “Endless Clients” system.

I’ve given you everything you need to use these systems in your practice.  Now it’s up to you.  Do yourself a favor and start putting these simple systems to work.

You’ll be glad you did!