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#12 – (Step 2) – ADD 2-Per-Day Strategy™

How would you like to add 500 solid, quality people to your House List (that’s potential for 80+ sales per year) within 11 to 12 months, and make thousands of dollars in the process of growing such a powerful list?

I know it sounds a little outlandish, but hear me out…because I’ve seen even brand-new agents achieve this kind of success after learning what I’m going to cover today.

Today I’m going to follow-up with yet another strategy for growing your House List (your own “private market share”).  In fact…this strategy is shockingly simple, yet incredibly powerful at the same time.

I call it the “Add 2 Per-Day Strategy™”…and it’s actually as much of a “mindset” as it is a strategy.  It follows along the lines of the great quote by the famous Zig Ziglar…

“Success By The Yard is Hard…
Success By The Inch is a Cinch”

It’ll take about 4 minutes flat to give you this strategy.  But before we get into it, there’s something important you need to know first…

The most important “element” of this strategy is YOU.  In order to make this strategy work 110%, you need to change your “mental outlook” and adopt a true COMMITMENT to build your House List.

This will require you to habitually open your mind to the people who could be in your House List.  This is were some agents fail in the process.

Let me explain this easy strategy with a quick story…

Not long ago, one of our Service For Life!® agents called me and said, “You know, I love all the ways you show how to build a House List, but you want to know what really worked for me?

Naturally I was intrigued, so I said, “Tell me.”

She said, “I decided I was going to build a network over 500 people in my first year.  But I realized that often I get distracted during the day, and don’t take advantage of all the people I meet: my dry cleaner, banker, grocer, repair people, leads, etc.  There are so many people I’m exposed to in just a single day!

So I have several areas where I place reminder notes.  They just say “House List.”  That way, I’m constantly aware that everyone I meet or do business with should be in my House List.”

Then, I created a goal to add just 2 names – just 2 people each day to my House List.  If I do this just 5 days a week (weekends are a bonus if I add anyone), I will meet my goals in about 12 months.

But instead of asking everyone if they want to buy or sell their home, I ask them if they want to receive my monthly Service For Life!® newsletter.  In the process I tell them why they might want to get it. I tell them that I have access to some of the most amazing consumer and health information, and I share it with all my friends for free.  Since it costs me very little to send it to my friends, I can add anyone I like.

Notice something?  I’m not selling them anything.  I’m not asking if they want to sell their home.  I’m not asking them to do anything for me.  I’m just building my House List.”

“Do you know what happened?” She asked.

I met my goal of 500 people in 10 months.  But that’s not the best part.  By simply asking people whom I meet, I got 9 deals in the process.  That’s over $52,000 in commissions just for asking whether people wanted to get my consumer newsletter!

I’m still building my House List and I’m still getting paid to do it.  The best thing of all is it’s spinning off enormous numbers of clients and referrals.

Think about that.  If you simply open your mind and add 2 people you know or meet each business day to your House List, your list will be over 500 people within your very first year.

This is my secret to success and it works 100% of the time.

How many clients will that bring you each year?

Well, you should know by now it depends on your Personal Market Share™ you have with them.  But you can run the “Critical Mass Targeting System™” numbers from Article 5 and see.

500 people with an average home ownership of 6 years means 83 deals on average will come from that group EACH year (not including referrals).

Can you guess who will get the lion’s share of those deals?

Did you say they’ll go to the agent who’s created the deepest, most trusted RELATIONSHIP with these folks?

Congratulations!  You are correct.

See…how many deals you get all depends on how well you develop your Personal Market Share™ with these folks (remember Article 5?).

And yet…you want to know an amazing statistic?

Get this: only 4% of all agents will even understand this strategy and USE IT.  Yes it’s confirmed by the NAR’s Profile of Buyers and Sellers:  74% of all real estate transactions come from referral, word of mouth or repeat business…

Yet ONLY 4% of agents out there have a system in place like the one you’re learning now to CAPTURE that business.  The rest whine and complain about their lousy production, but do little or nothing about it.

That’s GREAT news for you…because you’re now joining the elite 4% of all agents!  You just need to follow-through and get things moving.

Speaking of following through…there are 4 important secrets you need to know to make this strategy work to it’s potential…

  1. You need to create the habit of thinking of people who could be in your House List.  So my suggestion is to place reminders (like post-it notes) around the areas where you work so you’ll constantly think of asking folks.  Use a code name on the pages, such as “HL” to remind you to constantly ask people.  Be sure to qualify people to make sure they currently own a home (but even if they don’t doesn’t mean they can’t send you referrals).
  2. Create a script of exactly what you want to say to someone – with a good, reliable reason why (see the one my agent friend uses above for ideas).  Don’t go asking people if they want to buy or sell their home (that’s what they’re expecting you to do).  Your goal is just to get a “yes” on receiving your newsletter or other monthly contact.  Then you take it from there to deepen the relationship for more deals, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business. Consider TESTING different scripts to see which one works best with people.  Then, I want you to PRACTICE that script in front of a mirror until you get it PERFECT and it becomes second nature for you.  This one tip will make the process much easier for you.
  3. Follow-up IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t let even 1 day go by without sending them a survey letter similar to the one in Article 10.  Make sure you reference your meeting in your letter, and that you need a little more detailed information to get everything to your new House List member.  You can write the letter and keep it on your computer.  Then, every other day, you can easily send a follow-up letter to folks you meet and place on your house list.
  4. Be consistent.  If you work to build your list, then you flake-out on the most important part (building welcomed value and nurturing the relationship), all your effort will be wasted.  Don’t quit on the 5-yard line just when you’re about to score!

Hey…I promised about 4 minutes to understand this simple strategy.  If you read about one page per minute I think I made my goal.

So I’ll let you take it from here!

Today’s Action Plan:

The first step in making this strategy work is simply making a COMMITMENT to adding 2 people to day to your house list.

Next, take about 3 minutes and write out a very short script you can use to get people into your house list.  Take a look at the way our agent above asks people – she’s very innocent about it, not “salesy.”

You can write 2 or 3 scripts and see which one works best for you.  You can also practice on a good friend and ask them which one they’d be most likely to give you their contact information.

Next, take about 6 post-it notes and write “HL” on them to remind you to regularly ask people to be in your House List.  Place them in areas where you’ll see them throughout the day.

Place one near your desk phone in your office.  Put on with your calendar.  Put one in your car dash where you’ll see it, etc.

Next, take the survey letter you received in Article 10, and make very slight modification to it for a new House List member.  Then, save it on your computer so that every day or so you can send out the letter to your new House List members.

Finally, make another COMMITMENT to keep MONTHLY CONTACT with your House List (and execute on the “Cultivation Strategies” you’re going to learn – coming up soon).  Don’t drop the ball after getting your House List built.

If you want the very best monthly contact, relationship-building and referral-stimulating tool in the world, see the links at the bottom of this page.

Keep the process going for the next 12 to 18 months, and you will quickly have your own personal market share you can rely on for a booming, ever-growing business.

But don’t stop there.  Make growing your House List a continual priority, and keep the process going.  As you do this, your production will continue to grow and grow automatically (like the snowball rolling downhill we talked about in Article 5).