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#26 – (Step 4): The Money-Making Power Of “LAST Impressions”

Do you recall back in article 16, I said, “first impressions are LASTING impressions”…then I gave you a great “transaction initiation gift” system to use in your practice? If you don’t remember…no worries – heck, I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday!

But you might want to go back and read article 16 if you don’t remember.


Because in that article I also gave you a “first impressions” system I learned from a $36 million producer who closes over 95% of her listing presentations.

But as important as “first impressions” might be…they represent only HALF of the formula when it comes to creating relationships strong enough to warrant continuous referrals and repeat business.

Today I want to share with you the OTHER HALF of the formula…and this half is just as important as “first impressions.”  That’s because first impressions might be lasting, but…


To get started, I want to share a quick story to illustrate an important point…

About 6 months ago I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend at a newly opened luxury resort in Las Vegas.  And it was during dinner on a Saturday night where I learned an important marketing lesson I want to share with you.

We were one of the first groups of people to stay at the resort, and I suppose being so new, things weren’t completely ironed-out with their operation.

We decided to go down to dinner at one of the resort’s fancy restaurants.  And I have to tell you, it wasn’t all it was “touted” to be.  In fact, there were a number of problems we encountered before the night ended.

One of our dinners was delivered late.  The kitchen forgot to deliver an appetizer.  The wait staff was inconsistent with their service.  Overall, it was NOT the best experience…

…At Least Not Until the END of the Dinner…

I guess someone was paying attention, because the bill for our dinner was personally brought to us by the manager of the restaurant.

He apologized profusely about the problems, gave us one of our meals for free, deducted 50% off for all the remaining meals, AND gave us any dessert on the menu for free.

Our meal at this 4 Star restaurant (granted it wasn’t perfect, but it was still very good) cost us less than dinner at McDonalds®!

And to top it off, he presented us with a special offer coupon for 2 for 1 dinners on our next visit, asking us to give them another chance very soon.

I was surprised at his generosity (remember, aside from the problems, it still was a pretty nice dinner).

But did you catch something he was doing here?

Yes, that was an amazing gesture by him.  And we WILL be going back.  But our manager knew something important about relationships.

He knew he couldn’t undo all the problems we encountered during dinner, but he COULD leave us with a positive LAST impression of his restaurant that would leave us coming back again and telling our friends about the positive experience.

And that’s exactly what he did.

So what’s the valuable moral of this story you can use in real estate?  It’s this…

You Will Be Remembered And Judged MOST By The LAST Contact
Or Experience You Had With a Prospect Or a Client, Rather
Than Anything That Happened In Between!

Some transactions go smooth as glass.  Others run into problems – whether they’re your fault or not.

But either way, you can leave your client with a great feeling about you (and offset the damage by a difficult transaction) if you know how to make a great LAST impression.

What are the components of a great “last” impression?

First, your last impression must be very PERSONAL.  Listen to your clients during the transaction.  What are their passions and professions?  What are their hobbies?

Give them something that shows you acknowledge them personally – it’ll make all the difference in the world.

Second, your last impression must be VALUABLE in their eyes.  No, I didn’t say you should spend a lot of money.  Value can be given in information, in a gesture or an object.  But make sure they’ll see it as something they can use.

Finally, your last impression must be UNIQUE.  If you give something that’s personal (for example, a subscription to a flying magazine for a client who’s a pilot)…it will reveal that you took the time to acknowledge and recognize the uniqueness of your client – and that makes all the difference in the world.

If you go back to article 19, you’ll see a number of personal, valuable and unique “After Sale Systems” to use in your practice.  They include…

  • The Perennial Post Premium™ System…
  • The After-Sale Survey™ (showing you care)…and…
  • The Post-Sale Testimonial Request™ system (I gave you 2 letters ready to use).

Why am I highlighting this subject?  Take a look at these revealing facts…facts I shared with you in article 1 – but are so important they need repeating…

  • The NAR reports that 77% of clients say they would use their agent again, but only 11% actually do…
  • Marketing studies show that an “educated and familiar” client is worth 8 to 10 TIMES what an unfamiliar or uneducated client is worth…
  • Nearly 74% of all sales in real estate are made from an on-going PERSONAL relationship either through a referral, word of mouth, or repeat business.


Only 4% of agents out there maintain consistent, monthly CONTACT with their past clients, sphere of influence or farm worthy of this level of business.

Add it up:  74% of ALL real estate transactions are gobbled up by about 4% of the agents, while the rest have to squabble and fight tooth and nail for the remaining 26% of the scraps!

And it’s all because of ONE THING…

They Made Themselves Different
And Unique in Their Market…by
Creating DEEP Relationships

Now you know the “secret” of a million-dollar production.

Now you know how some of our agents have become millionaires practicing real estate in just over 3 years…and how OUR agents never face the dictates of abusive clients…interest rate hikes…recessions…or even discount brokers!

And now you know how our agents’ NET PROFITS in the business are higher than 95% of other agents out there.

It’s because they own the market share…they own the RELATIONSHIP.

But it didn’t happen by “hoping” a client or friend will remember them.  Or denying their role in the whole process.

It happened because they got proactive about their relationships and contact.  It happened because they’ve implemented the entire system you’re learning right here…and use Service For Life!® every single month  – many of them have been subscribers for…

Over 10 YEARS!

OK…here comes the pitch (hey…at least I warned you!).

Listen…I wouldn’t have so many long-term subscribers if this tool didn’t work – hundreds of agents who’ve been with me for YEARS.

I can talk this remarkable marketing tool up till I’m blue in the face.  But it won’t make a hill of beans unless you see for yourself it’s everything I say and more.

There’s nothing like it anywhere in real estate.

This is the very first tool completely engineered to bring you a consistent income in real estate through referrals, word of mouth and repeat business…

…to finally get you the MARKET SHARE that brings steady growth year after year (even recession-proof your business).

A tool that gives you the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

If you’ve already subscribed, then I want to extend a warm “congratulations and welcome.”

But if you haven’t yet subscribed, I’d love for you to join our family of agents using Service For Life!®.

Seriously…think about this…

You Spent More Money on Morning Coffee Last Month
than You’ll Spend to Put Service For Life!®
to Work in Your Business…

…for me to create everything FOR YOU, including a fresh issue with 7 psychological hooks, 2 involvement devices and more than 14 direct response offers built right in…

…to have all the guidance and toll-free support you need…including our special manuals, tool kits on CD, and even discounts on printing and mailing…

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So if you’re not using it…I’d love to know why?

Simply give my office a call at (800) 622-2540 and talk to one of our Client Care Specialists…

You can join by ordering online… by fax…or simply give us a call.

Six months from now you can be kicking yourself for losing business to agents who have less knowledge…less skill…and work a lot less than you…


You could own true “market share̶ in your area and be laughing at all the agents complaining about “the market”, competition, or how “tough” the real estate business is for them.

You deserve better.  It’s time you took control.

Give us a call.  Shoot me an email.  Or even send me a FAX, and we’ll get you started on the most enjoyable…most profitable…and most valuable long-term strategy for growing your real estate practice.

Today’s Action Plan:

What kind of “last” impressions do you make with your clients?

If you’re like most…it involves something expected – like a thank you gift or post closing gesture.

You already know that unexpected gifts make a bigger splash.  And you learned today that PERSONAL, VALUABLE and UNIQUE gestures make the greatest impact on your clients.

Even things like a post-sale survey or request for testimonial show that you’re a true professional who cares about your clients AND your business.

So take a moment to implement your “last” impression systems.

Go back to Article 20 if you want more ideas….but make something happen and you’ll be thrilled with your new-found profits and wonderful life.