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#23 – (Step 4): The Secret Psychology Of “Belonging”

Welcome to our 4th Step in Part II of my “Endless Clients” article series.

First…a little “house work”…

In this step we’re going to switch gears and talk about unique strategies and ideas for accelerating your Personal Market Share™ and getting your production to Critical Mass™.

Do you remember our discussion about Critical Mass™ from article 5?

It’s the point at which all your marketing systems come together to work as one huge client-generation SYSTEM, and your production continues to grow and grow almost automatically – like the “snowball rolling downhill” I talked about in article 5.

It’s the “target” or end result of growing a successful real estate practice.  And it’s essential to reach if you want to survive in this business.  In fact, I’ve never seen any real estate practice survive that didn’t reach some level of Critical Mass™ – it’s that important!

So let’s get talking about strategies and ideas to accelerate your business to Critical Mass™…

Did you know there are secret “hot buttons” in every human’s psychology that will almost instantly influence them to do nearly anything you want?

It’s true.  And I’ll wager very few agents have any clue they exist.  In fact, I’ve kept most of them quiet in our course…until now.

Today I’m going to “spill the beans” and reveal the FIRST of these secrets to you.  I’m going to share how to get practically anything you want just for the asking.

But before I do, I want something from you.

I want a personal PROMISE from you right now to never use these secrets for the harm of any other person.


Why am I asking you for this promise?

Because these are the very same “hot buttons” CON MEN use to steal money from innocent people.  They are so powerful it’s easy to take advantage of people if you don’t use them with a clear heart and honest purpose.

I’m sharing these secrets with you to use them for a positive purpose.  One that helps both you and your clients at the same time.  I’m only interested in teaching you strategies that are “WIN-WIN.”

So I want your honest, sincere promise, OK?

Let’s shift gears (once again!) and talk about our very first Psychological Secret…

Would it surprise you to learn that over 97% of your prospects and clients report being REPULSED by a snooty, “professional” image?

Think about it in your own life.

Have you noticed that, since the invention of the telephone menu trees, phone texting, the web, social networking and more, it just seems that the “personal”, human nature of our relationships is losing ground fast?

It’s not a positive direction many professionals are heading.

Most agents are programmed to think that a “high hat,” stuffy professional “attitude” and image is the way to behave in business.

What’s going on here?  Well…I’ll tell you….

Most people have become so impersonal in business, we’re like a bunch of robots running out of control banging into each other.  We’ve fallen into believing that the more “professional” and “snooty” we become, the more highly people will think of us.

That’s why today I’m going to talk about…

The Secret Psychology of “BELONGING”

If you want to get the “edge” in your business you must realize one important “personality” point…

People Prefer to do Business with
Other People, NOT “Companies”

The truth is, as humans, we are all silently seeking out more PERSONAL interaction with other humans.  We actually CRAVE the high touch of other humans in our lives.  Yet it is becoming a lesser and lesser part of our business relationships.

People will say “yes” to your request (like a close) to the degree that they KNOW and LIKE you; and better still, when they believe YOU know and like THEM.

So where am I going with all this?

Simply this: Drop the snooty attitude.  Drop the “hyper-professional image” (I know might be tough, but it’s the right thing).

Get down on the carpet with Ma, Pa and the kids (figuratively, of course) and don’t be afraid to be human.  I have a close personal relationship with more than 100 agents who produce $15 million and above (some over $50 million), and there’s one trait I’ve noticed in ALL of them:

They are Authentic, Down-to-Earth People

No posturing.  No ostentation.  No fluff.  What you see is what you get.  Period.  This is a “people” business.

So how do you create a “Belonging” environment in your business?

Let me share with you TWO simple strategies you can create tomorrow morning to increase the “belonging” feeling in people – and get them to bond with you and refer more to you…

Belonging Strategy #1:  Create a “Back Stage Pass” to Your Business

Do you remember the “business card” referral system I showed you in Article 18, or the “Inner Circle Club” system I showed you in Article 22?

Why did I want you to use them?

Of course, they’re great marketing systems.  But I want you to focus on something else here…something bigger.

See, those two systems were great examples of creating a “back stage pass” to your business.

The referral card strategy detailed how and why you run your practice by referral.  The Inner Circle Strategy brought people closer to you by making them part of a “special group.”

Why are they (and other systems here) so powerful?

Because They Reveal the Honest
MOTIVES of Your Actions

If you want a close relationship, you must demonstrate TRUST to the other person, first and foremost.  And when you reveal your motives, you instantly create a level of credibility and trust that bonds people to you.

So the empowering question I have for you is…

How Do You Give Your Prospects and Clients
a “Back-Stage Pass” to YOUR Business?

Here are TWO ideas for you to consider.

First, tell people HOW you do what you do.

For example…do you remember the “28-Step Maximum Home Value Marketing Plan™” I gave you in Article 16?

Why did I detail out all 28 steps?  Well, the first reason is I want people to see all the things you do for them – to bring more VALUE to them.

But the second reason is I want them to see HOW you do what you do.  I want them to understand all the “back-stage” effort that you go through to deliver excellent service.

Does this make sense?

Now the second idea for you to consider is…tell people WHY you do what you do.  A great example (I referred to earlier) is the referral programming on your business card from article 18.

In that language, you describe WHY you practice the way you do…and the benefit to your clients.  This endears them to you, lowers their resistance, and helps them bond closer to you.

List out all the things you do for your clients – your “product.”  Describe “how” you do them and “why” you do them.

Then watch them flock to you like hungry seagulls, stick like super glue, and refer all their friends and acquaintances.

Belonging Strategy #2:  Create Intensely-Personal Contact

This is going to sound like a “pitch,” but I don’t know any other way to say it.

There’s a simple and inexpensive strategy you can use that will take you less than 30 minutes a month to implement, and create such a tight, personal “back stage pass” BOND with your clients, they’ll ALWAYS think of YOU when they think “real estate”:

Send out your “Service For Life!®” direct response newsletter EVERY MONTH.

“Service For Life!®” is the fastest, easiest way to instantly capture and keep such a tight bond with your clients, you’ll be creating SOLID MARKET SHARE in your area.

It’s the original direct response newsletter for agents, scientifically engineered to GET READ, GET SHARED, and GET ACTED UPON.

It’s not a magic pill.  It’s not something where you say, “oh, I’ll try it for a month or so, and if I don’t instantly have people flooding my practice, I’ll quit.”

Like any relationship, it takes nurturing.  It takes a little initiative.  It takes a little action on your behalf.

Do this…nothing more and nothing less…and you’ll be thrilled with the growth in your business.  And you’ll relish in how easy and enjoyable practicing real estate can be.

If you’re currently subscribing, make sure you use it regularly…as each month will bring you greater and greater Personal Market Share™ (after all, quitting means you guarantee yourself NO market share).

If you’re not on board yet, what’s keeping you?

I have an idea.  Why don’t you CALL my offices right now and actually speak with one of my Client Care Specialists about Service For Life!®.

Seriously…even if you’re skeptical.  Even if you think I’m full of beans.

Even if you just have a few questions and that nagging suspicion won’t go away: give us a call toll-free (inside the U.S.) at…

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We’re the friendliest, nicest, “no pressure” people you’ll ever meet.  I trained our folks that way because I want you to become one of our personal friends, not feel pressured.

And when you subscribe, I promise it will be the single smartest move you’ve ever made for your real estate career.  And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Today’s Action Plan:

Take a look at how you market yourself in real estate.  It’s just like every other agent, isn’t it?

So why should anyone work with you if you look like just another ripple in the sea of agents out there?

It’s time to make yourself different.  It’s time to make yourself positively unique in the eyes of prospects and clients.  And one of the best ways is to create a personal “belonging” feeling around your services.

The easiest way is to tell HOW and WHY you do what you do.

So take some time to look at your marketing…your product-ization, your communications…and give folks a “back stage pass” to what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.  Without a doubt it will clearly set you apart.  But there’s one more thing to consider…

The single greatest way to differentiate yourself is to have a solid relationship first and foremost…a relationship where you’re seen as a competent, true professional…yet also a personal friend with the sincere interests of your clients first and foremost.

And there’s no better way than by demonstrating these elements by using Service For Life!®.

If you’re using Service For Life!®, make sure you’re using it correctly.  There are more than 10 ways to use it profitably in your practice…and you can learn those ways (and answers to other questions) right here on our site.

Just click on any of our informative links above.

If you’re not using Service For Life!®…why not give us a call and learn what it can do for you.  We really are the nicest, most helpful folks you’ll ever meet.

Seriously.  Give us a call at (800) 622-2540.  Let’s talk.